The Half-Life of Knowledge

Nie war der Wandel so präsent wie heute, nie war es wichtiger, stets am Ball zu bleiben und sich fortzubilden! Solche Sätze liest man oft, doch sie sind wahr und gerade das Thema der letzten Monate – nämlich Big Data – belegt dies.

Als Gordon Moore, einer der Gründer von Intel, 1965 postulierte, dass die Prozessorgeschwindigkeit sich alle 18 Monate und die Netzwerkkapazitäten sogar alle 9 Monate verdoppeln würden, waren sich nur sehr wenige Menschen darüber bewusst, was dies bedeuten würde. Letztlich hat Gordon Moore vor mehr als 50 Jahren exakt vorhergesagt, wie rasant sich alles um uns herum verändern würde. Wenn wir das Szenario weiterspinnen, bedeutet seine selbsterfüllende Prophezeiung, dass ein Computer im Jahr 2026 ca. 64 Mal so schnell sein wird wie heute! Was damit dann möglich sein wird, ist nahezu unvorstellbar.


Big Data: Bringen Sie Licht ins Dunkle und gehen Sie mit dem Wandel!


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The Lucky Bag: WLAN

Data has become the new gold in the Big Data era. When you look at the business value of companies such as, AirBnB or Uber you can see the immense value of data. All these companies would have no basis for existence without the data they are generating.

Hotels also create huge amounts of data. One massive data source is the WLAN, a system hardly anyone pays attention to or makes use of. This, however, is a big mistake! There are calculations according to which a 200-room hotel gives up around 280,000 Euros per year by not tapping into this potential.

WLAN-Nutzung in der Hotellerie

Not only guests but also the hotel can benefit from free wifi

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Guest Loyalty stands and falls with the Use of your Data!

The fight for guests and their loyalty manifests in the booking behavior. In other words, guest loyalty stands or falls with the guest data. Only if you know your guests, their needs and expectations and how much they are willing to pay, will you be able to go up against the OTAs. Success does not depend on the size of a company, but on the management’s ability to adapt to the changing environment. In the end, it is all about Central Data Management (CDM).

sample 2000X2000

Central Data Management requires a rethinking of the hotel management

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Hotel Investments: Invest in Big Data as long as your Competitors are still sleeping!

Each year, many hotel managers ask themselves what and how much they should invest in to meet the expectations of their guests. Without doubt guest satisfaction alongside communications is the most important variable influencing guest loyalty and repurchase behavior.

Thomas Reisenzahn, former secretary general of the Austrian Hotel Association and today managing director of GFB Prodinger Tourism Consulting, recently stated that one of the main reasons for the increasingly difficult situation of hotels in the Alpine region was false and costly investments. I completely agree. However, I believe that this statement is not only applicable to hotels in the Alpine region, but to hotels everywhere!


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The Big Data Formula: BD = C²A²

What is Big Data? I hear this question almost every day. It is indeed not so easy to explain Big Data in simple words. Although Big Data and intelligent use of data are highly relevant topics and present throughout the media, only a few experts are able to deliver a logical and clear definition.

dreamstimemaximum_37716212 Kopie

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Hotel Marketing – Stuck in the Year 2000

For more than 20 years, I have been working with digital media. In 2000, I started with marketing databases and CRM. Over the years, I have gained a pretty good overview of the activities within the hospitality industry, in particular when it comes to guest communication. Surprisingly, not much has changed in the past years. It seems to me that 99.9% of all hotels got stuck in the year 2000.


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Move with the times or be removed over time

Big Data or holistic and intelligent data management has become a popular topic within the hospitality industry. A lot of hotel companies talk about it, but hardly anyone is even close to doing it right. In my new book I predict that by the year 2020 many hotels will have disappeared for exactly that reason. But I have to admit I was mistaken – the process is already in full swing.

Secured Online Cloud Computing Concept with Business Man

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Airbnb, Uber & Co. – Does It Make Sense to Regulate the Sharing Economy?

Every time the world is going to change, managers call for statutory regulations to secure their own status. For quite some time, lobbyists have been trying to torpedo the Sharing Economy, a phenomenon reflecting our changing society. Taxi companies and the hospitality should no be affected by Uber, Airbnb & Co. But is this the right approach? Is it smart to ignore the changes and call for regulations? Wouldn’t it be better to face the situation, despite the challenges some will not be able to cope with?

Materialistic Materialism Capitalism Consumer Greed Concept

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Promo Codes are Costing Hotels Millions!

I’m sure you know that little box for rate or promo codes on a hotel’s booking engine. Chains and individual hotels alike use these codes to promote special services to their guests. Corporate clients are given access to special rate codes and thus better prices. Guests get discounts as part of special promotions. But is this still an intelligent and modern marketing approach in the Big Data era? Continue reading